This is the website of the work of graphic designer Karen Willey (Amsterdam).

I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for a decade. I mainly design printed matter. My clients tend to be from the cultural/social sector – both larger institutions (e.g. Bureau Europa (http://www NULL.karenwilley, Transartists (http://www NULL.karenwilley, Greenpeace (http://www NULL.karenwilley, etc), as well as for individual artists, curators and fashion designers. I have also always worked for magazines and newspapers such as ‘Amsterdam Weekly’, ‘Knack’ (http://www NULL.knack and ‘Nest (http://www NULL.nest‘.

I work fast, but with a lot of attention to details. I believe that I don’t work for my clients, but I work in collaboration with them. Yet it is my task to keep a close eye on the deadline and the overall consistency of a design. My design work is often described as ‘clear’.

Karen Willey_doorbell studio

Since 2012, I have my studio at Sint Annenstraat 28A (https://www,+1012+HE+Amsterdam/ null@null 52 NULL.3735857,4 NULL.8972092,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x47c609b8947fef27:0x6040b6fc3d1df606), a former garage. By coincidence (or not?) this is (over time) my third garage studio in Amsterdam. This one I share with other graphic designers: Paul Gangloff (http://www NULL.writtenrecords, Renata Sifrar (http://renatasifrar and Jakub Straka (http://www NULL.jakubstraka The studio is close to Central Station, next to the Old Church at the edge of the Red Light District. Sexy neighbours include bookstore San Serriffe (http://www NULL.san-serriffe and coffee place Ivy & Bros (https://www NULL.facebook

Karen Willey_Sint Annenstraat 1926

A picture (found online) of Sint Annenstraat in 1926

I am originally from Belgium, but with Dutch/British nationality. I finished the European School (http://www NULL.eeb2 in Brussels and moved to Amsterdam in 1999 to study graphic design at Gerrit Rietveld Academy (http://www NULL.gerritrietveldacademie I went on to do an MA at the Werkplaats Typografie (http://www NULL.werkplaatstypografie in Arnhem where I graduated in 2006.

The thumbnails on the landing page of this website are in chronological order, with my most recent projects first. By clicking on a thumbnail, one is directed to a summary of the corresponding project, accompanied by additional images.


Experience (a selection)

1/ Office work

•  Since 2008, I regularly work for the Belgian publisher Roularta Media (BMC) (http://www NULL.roularta NULL.html), for magazines such as ‘Knack (http://www NULL.knack‘, ‘Knack extra’, ‘Knack stedenspecial’, ‘Knack eindejaarsspecial’, ‘Focus (http://focus NULL.knack‘, ‘Moordzomerkrant’, ‘Het Wereldtijdschrift’, ‘Nest (http://weekend NULL.knack‘, ‘Bodytalk (http://www NULL.knack NULL.html)‘, ‘Plus Magazine (http://plusmagazine NULL.knack NULL.htm)‘ and ‘Weekend Knack (http://weekend NULL.knack‘. I also worked on the redesign of their ‘Startersgidsen’ and ‘Carrièregidsen’ (NL + FR).

•  I sporadically assist the acclaimed design studio Experimental Jetset (http://www NULL.experimentaljetset (based in Amsterdam). For example, in 2007 with the design of the book ‘Architectures Typographiques / Typographic Architectures (http://www NULL.experimentaljetset‘, which was published for the exhibition ‘Wim Crouwel: Architectures Typographiques: 1956–1976’, at Galerie Anatome in Paris. In 2008 I assisted them with the design of the house style for the fashion store Arnhem Coming Soon (http://www NULL.experimentaljetset (in Arnhem) and in May 2014 with the (exhibition) design of ‘International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (http://www NULL.experimentaljetset‘.

•  Freelance graphic designer for several issues of ‘de Volkskrant Magazine’, March–December 2011.

•  Freelance production artist for the monthly magazine ‘Time Out Amsterdam (http://www NULL.timeout‘, 2008–2011. In 2010 I also designed eight city guides for ‘Time Out (http://www NULL.timeout‘.

•  I worked part-time as a production manager for the English-language newspaper ‘Amsterdam Weekly’, 2006–2008.

•  Freelancer for fashion magazines published by Hachette Media, 2004–2006. As a graphic designer I worked on several issues of ‘Red (https://www NULL.facebook‘, after which I worked as an image editor for three issues. In addition, I worked as a graphic designer for several issues of the magazine ‘Elle (http://www NULL.elle‘. I stopped working here to start my study at Werkplaats Typografie.

•  Design assistant to Gabriele Götz (Ambulant Design) (http://ambulantdesign, 2002–2004, while I was studying at Rietveld Academy.

2/ Graphic design


•  Design templates for newsletters, deadline reminders and invitations (NL+ENG) for Dutch Culture (http://dutchculture, Gedeeld Cultureel Erfgoed (http://dutchculture, TransArtists (http://www NULL.transartists, Air Platform NL (http://www NULL.transartists and Antenna.

•  Birth announcement Lina Korver.

•  iAmsterdam e-flyer for Eden Frost Cummunications (http://www NULL.edenfrost


•  Design workbook ‘Media Strategy Game’, Hogeschool van Utrecht (http://www

•  Design Triage guide for Eden Frost Communications (http://www NULL.edenfrost

•  Logo for ‘On Residencies’, a website dedicated to international art residencies by curator Angela Serino (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Forests FSC slideshow for Greenpeace (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Birth announcement Tomas Korver (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Assistance to Bart de Baets (http://www NULL.bartdebaets with a folder for Het Nieuwe Instituut (http://hetnieuweinstituut, Rotterdam.


Illustration for issue 100 of the Belgian Magazine ‘Nest’ (http://www NULL.karenwilley

• Digital publication ‘Verhalen verbeeld’, Château Hotels, Maastricht.

•  ‘The Reading Game’, cards for artist Yeb Wiersma (http://www NULL.yebwiersma, Jan Van Eyck Academy (http://www NULL.janvaneyck, Maastricht.

•  Design of metal privacy window screens for a Bloemendaal villa, commissioned by Hofman Dujardin Architects (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Publication for the closing of Sphinxpark, Maastricht.

•  Typesetting Russian FSC brochure for Greenpeace.


•  Invitation ‘I want to retire’ for curator Angela Serino.

•  Invitation and leader ‘Lost and Found (http://www NULL.lost‘ (May).

•  Proposal new set of Euro coins with the first portrait of King Willem-Alexander, in collaboration with Marjolein Rothman (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Invitation ‘Verhalen verbeeld’, Château Hotels, Maastricht (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  House style Bodies at Work, Beijing, China.

•  Book ‘DE CVRATORIBVS’, Vesna Madzoski (http://www NULL.karenwilley


•  End report / book ‘On-AiR: Reflecting on the Mobility of Artists in Europe’ (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  House style, including banners, signage, posters, invitations and information brochures for Sphinxpark, Maastricht.

•  Website Landscape in Perspective (http://www NULL.landscapeinperspective

•  Webshop Arnhem Coming Soon (http://www NULL.arnhemcomingsoon

•  Love Matters redesign proposal, Radio Netherlands Worldwide. (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  The Alphabet of Accidental Actions, by Yeb Wiersma (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Birth announcement for Mira Blue (http://www NULL.karenwilley


•  Website and online manual for On-AiR (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Business card for writer Steve Korver (http://www NULL.stevekorver, Amsterdam.

•  House style and webshop Freiluft for photographer Daniel Mulder, Berlin.

•  ‘Falmouth’ poster for photographer Yeb Wiersma, Miami.

•  House style and invitation for The Living Room, an art initiative by five curators, Amsterdam.

•  ‘As If She Worked Here’ poster/map for a guided tour by Angela Serino in Van Abbemuseum, Rotterdam.

•  Fanzine, bracelet and invitation for the pop-up shop by Mouchette at De Inkijk (at SKOR), Amsterdam.

•  End exam publication ‘From the Start to the Beginning’ Sint Joost Academie, Breda.

•  Map ‘Parcour’ for Contour, Mechelen.

•  Flyers for the garage sale that Yeb Wiersma and myself organised when I moved out of my former studio (which was in a garage).


•  ‘Storyville Library’ publication for photographer Yeb Wiersma, Amsterdam/Almere (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  House style for Laael, a handbag label by fashion designer Elja Lintsen, Amsterdam (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  House style (posters, tote bags, buttons, manual and folders) for On-AiR, an artists-in-residence programme in eighteen different countries (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Madness & Arts Festival flyer for Lernert & Sander. (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Business card for Sandra Theseus, Belgium (http://www NULL.karenwilley


•  House style for and management of the temporary bookstore W139 Bookstore, Amsterdam, January–May (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Design of ‘First Love Last Love‘, a pitch for O’Neill, by photographers Petrovsky & Ramone, Amsterdam (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  ‘Exercise Books’, a self-initiated offset publication. (http://www NULL.karenwilley Development of the website (http://www NULL.exercisebooks


•  House style for fashion institute Co-Lab, Amsterdam (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  House style for Elja, a fashion label by Elja Lintsen, Amsterdam (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  House style proposal for the fashion outlet NL = New Luxury, for Alexander van Slobbe and Francisco van Benthum, Amsterdam (http://www NULL.karenwilley


•  Several t-shirt designs for Toy Tokyo, Japan, 2007–2009 (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Two A1 prints – ‘Pim & Palm’ and ‘Peacock’ – for Ryo Ohwada, Japan.

•  Stationery for the Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Catalogue, advertisements, posters, and lettering for the exhibition ‘Offspring 2007’, De Ateliers, Amsterdam (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Information folder and two invitations for exhibitions at Galerie Hof & Huyser, Amsterdam.

•  House style for Stichting Sara Nederland, Amsterdam.

•  Designcard, Veenman Drukkers, Rotterdam (http://www NULL.karenwilley


•  Design of the bi-monthly art review magazine Tubelight’ and of the letterhead and business cards for the ‘Tubelight’ board, 2004–2007 (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Design of the invitations for BijlmAir, an artist-in-residency programme run by CBK Zuidoost and SMBA, Amsterdam, 2005–2008 (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  ‘Schrift’, self-published (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  ‘Full Stops’, two self-published A0 posters (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  Contribution to ‘Nicosia This Week (An Unofficial Guide to the Biennial that Never Was) (http://www‘ and two remaining projects about Nicosia called ‘Ephemera (http://www NULL.karenwilley‘ and ‘Retourism’.


•  Housestyle ‘Dutch Resource’ (Werkplaats Typografie’s participation to the Poster Festival in Chaumon, France), incl. font design (http://www NULL.karenwilley

Chapter about Experimental Jetset in the book Dutch Resource (during the Poster Festival in Chaumont, France) (http://www NULL.karenwilley

•  ‘One Year Parade’ poster series proposal for Pierre Huyge, in collaboration with Louis Lüthi.

Catalogue, invitations, lettering and advertisements for the exhibition ‘Wild at Heart’, held by De Ateliers at KunstRAI/Art Amsterdam (http://www NULL.karenwilley

Booklet, flyer, and advertisement for Co-Lab, Amsterdam Fashion Week.


Shortcuts & Tips, graduation project Gerrit Rietveld Academy (http://www NULL.karenwilley

Beamclub, poster series (http://www NULL.karenwilley

Drawings for the Viktor & Rolf invitations (http://www NULL.karenwilley


This website is made possible with the support of Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, and was built in 2010 by Steven McCarron (https://www NULL.facebook

All content belongs to Karen Willey.