Dutch Resource (house style)

The font ‘Karene New’ was designed by me for the printed matter of Werkplaats Typografie (http://www NULL.werkplaatstypografie NULL.org/) for the ‘International Poster Festival Chaumont’ (http://www NULL.cig-chaumont NULL.com/en/cig/) in France. Werkplaats Typografie had completely moved location to Chaumont and operated as a fully functioning school during the seven-week festival (21/05–26/06/2005). The font reflects the ‘work-in-progress’ nature of the project and was inspired by graph paper.

Karen Willey_Karene New


(Lyrics by Belle & Sebastian, ‘A Summer Wasting’ which was also the 7th song in the music lecture by Experimental Jetset (http://www NULL.experimentaljetset NULL.nl/archive/sun). Set in Karene New. Radim Pesko (http://www NULL.radimpesko NULL.com/) helped programme the font.)

Together with the other Werkplaats Typografie students I worked on one chapter of the book ‘Dutch Resource’ (the chapter about Experimental Jetset). That work can be seen here (http://www NULL.karenwilley NULL.nl/dutch-resource/). Further down this page is the design I did for the identity of Werkplaats Typografie at the poster festival.

The 22 pages I designed for the catalogue ‘Chaumont International 2005’ featured sketches on graph paper by fellow students and myself:

Karen Willey_Chaumont International

(Contribution in ‘Chaumont International 2005’, 19×24 cm, 22 pages, text set in ‘Karene New’. Photographed by Karel Knispel (http://karelknispel NULL.com/).)

For the remaining printed matter (invitation, folder and flyer) and a big banner at the entrance of our exhibition/school space in Chaumont, I placed the title ‘Dutch Resource’ in the font ‘Karene New’. Well-known works from designers participating in the exhibition were then used to fill the letters.

Karen Willey_Dutch Resource_A1 front


Karen Willey_Dutch Resource_A1 back


(Invitation front and back, A1)




(Banner, 3 x 3 metres)

Afterwards, the font ‘Karene New’ took part in the travelling group show ‘Alphabet: An Exhibition of Hand-Drawn Lettering and Experimental Typography’ organised by Post Typography and Artscape (www.posttypography.com/alphabet), 3–23 November 2005: Heaven Gallery, Chicago; February 2006: M-80 Gallery, Milwaukee; March 2006: Workshorse Gallery, Los Angeles; 11–27 October 2007: Cooper Union, New York.

Karen Willey_Alphabet