Dutch Resource (book)

As part of the Chaumont Poster Festival, (http://www NULL.cig-chaumont NULL.com/en/cig/) I spent seven weeks in Chaumont, France, working with 10 other Werkplaats Typografie (http://www NULL.werkplaatstypografie NULL.org/) students on the book ‘Dutch Resource’. Each student focused on a different Netherlands-based designer (or design studio) to produce a 32-page chapter – 16 full color pages and 16 black-and-white pages.

For my chapter, I collaborated with Experimental Jetset (http://www NULL.experimentaljetset NULL.nl/) on two projects: ‘Selected Models’ and ‘T-shirtism’. ‘Selected Models’ is about the meticulous scale models that EJ always make of their work. ‘T-shirtism’ collects other designers’ variations on t-shirts designed by EJ (‘Variations’), and photographs of famous people wearing their t-shirts (‘Manifestations’).  (Check out T-shirtism on the website of Experimental Jetset (http://www NULL.experimentaljetset NULL.nl/archive/t-shirtism) for updates on a growing collection!)

The book launch took place on October 8, 2005 in Galerie Anatome, Paris.

Karen Willey_EJ_Dutch Resource
As you can see the last example in this series is a picture of (me wearing) a t-shirt saying ‘Chau & Mont & Werk & Plaats’. As a final touch, EJ printed a t-shirt variation especially for the Werkplaats Typografie’s participation at the Festival.

(‘Dutch Resource’ (17 x 23,5 cm, 360 pages), ISBN 90-808185-7-7, available via Amazon (http://www NULL.amazon NULL.com/Dutch-Resource-Collaborative-Exercises-Graphic/dp/9080818577). ‘Selected Models’ photographed by Johannes Schwartz.)

Check out the Dutch Resource house style. (http://www NULL.karenwilley NULL.nl/dutch-resource-house-style/)