First Love Last Love

The photographer duo Petrovsky & Ramone (http://www NULL.petrovskyramone was invited by O’Neill to participate in a pitch for their winter 2010 collection and campaign. They came up with a series of slogans: ‘I’m part of it’, ‘Joy’, ‘Enjoy the Moment’, ‘Hectic City, Beautiful Nature’, etc. Their photo shoot would be based on these slogans – for example they wanted to use neon props to spell out the words ‘First’, ‘Love’ and ‘Last’ – and would take place in Japan. For their presentation they asked me to design (in a week’s time) a brochure, poster, and slideshow based on this proposal. Together we sorted a bunch of images according to the slogans and arranged them in compositions, which they then photographed. I chose to work with a neon typeface for obvious reasons. The poster (60 x 40 cm) ended up looking like this:

The brochure (A5, 24 pages) has two different covers, but the inside was the same: