Laael (http://www NULL.laael is the handbag label of fashion designer Elja Lintsen (for whom I also designed the label Elja (http://www NULL.karenwilley Together we decided to keep Laael’s logo simple, to use black-and-white, and that on the whole it should be more business-like than the design for Elja’s own label. My solution was to make two upside-down V’s out of the two successive A’s in the name – a reference to sewing stitches. On their own, the two upside-down V’s form a logo that’s used on the bags and zippers. I also designed a series of cards in different sizes for inside the bags. Elja is currently designing bags with a form that is based on the logo.

(A5 card, two A6 cards, hang tag, business cards, cliches for the bags (37 x 13 mm),
stencils for the zippers (20 x 7 mm), 2010)

The brand is doing very well! Here is a small update from some 2015 designs by Laael:

Karen Willey_Laael_hangtag Karen Willey_Laael_label Karen Willey_Laael_logo6 Karen Willey_Laael_logo5 Karen Willey_Laael_logo4 Karen Willey_Laael_logo2 Karen Willey_Laael_logo3 Karen Willey_Laael_logo1 Karen Willey_Laael_zipper

(Images from the bags are from the Laael website)