Love Matters redesign proposal

Part of Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW), Love Matters is a global online platform on sex, relationships and everything in between. They asked me to renew their logo, yet keeping it recognisable.

It used to be this:

love_matters_logo RNW

(Original logo, I don’t know the designer.)

My idea was to emphasise that the websites talk – and inspires talk – about sex and relationships. So I was busy turning it into something like this:

Karen Willey_Love matters_proposal_Page_03 Karen Willey_Love matters_proposal_Page_07Karen Willey_Love matters_proposal_Page_06Karen Willey_Love matters_proposal_Page_08 Karen Willey_Love matters_proposal_Page_09(Above are all sketches for the redesign of the logo (and the use of the logo on the website), made by me in 2012.)

Love Matters was reorganising at the time and due to miscommunication within the company, another graphic designer worked with my logo and suddenly they started using this for real:


(Current logo Love Matters, made by their in-house designer.)

To be honest, I was not completely okay with this. I would have preferred that they let me continue working on my logo. But I guess it was for a good cause…