Metal window screens

Assigned by Hofman Dujardin Architecten (http://www NULL.hofmandujardin, I designed privacy/security window screens for a new villa they were constructing in Bloemendaal. The owner wanted to have a pattern that reflected the forest that surrounded the villa. I started with making ink drawings of tree trunks, translated these to digital files, which then in turn resulted in 18 laser-cut metal screens.

Karen Willey Bloemendaal 01 1 Karen Willey Bloemendaal 01 2

(Ink drawings, A4)

Karen Willey Bloemendaal02

Karen Willey Bloemendaal01 Karen Willey Bloemendaal03

Karen Willey Bloemendaal04 Karen Willey Bloemendaal05 Karen Willey Bloemendaal06

Karen Willey Bloemendaal07

(Privacy window screens, heights 2.5-3 meters, 2014, Duin en Beeklaan, Bloemendaal, produced by VPT Versteeg (http://www NULL.vptversteeg