Storyville Library

Storyville Library was a project initiated by Yeb Wiersma (http://www NULL.yebwiersma on the occasion of the opening of
the new library (http://www NULL.bibliotheekalmere in Almere. Commissioned by De Paviljoens (http://www NULL.depaviljoens NULL.php), Yeb made an installation consisting of a light box displaying a photograph of books being thrown into the air, and a bookshelf showcasing a selection of her own favourite books, which residents of Almere may lend.
I designed the publication that accompanied the project.

Yeb and I divided the Storyville Library publication into five chapters, one for each floor of the library. Due to budget constraints, we mimeographed the majority of the book, a reproduction technique I took advantage of by spelling out the title (one letter per page) using several colours and by printing a selection of images in duotone. The fourth chapter, which includes Yeb’s photographs of books, is digitally printed in full colour. The cover, which displays a dark grey pencil drawing on the front, is silk-screened.

(13 x 20 cm, 76 pages, mimeographed by De Stencil Kelder, digitally printed by
Drukkerij Atlantic, and silk-screened by Kees Maas (http://www NULL.interbellum, edition 15)